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Another milestone reached as our logistics plan has been validated by customer

Great news! Read the update from our CEO on our logistics plan beeing validated by customer.

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To the left, Coopmar before road repair, 2022. To the right, same road after road repair, 2023.

Road improvement work completed - one step closer to delivery

We are ready! The road work between the plantation and the transshipment port is done and we are one step closer to deliver eucalyptus to the global market. Read more.

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Christmas greetings from the CEO

Eternali CEO Andreas Forssell expresses gratidute for an eventful and amazing 2022 with wishes of a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Read his reflections from the past year.

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The road repair has started – enabling transport from the plantations

Eternali is preparing road and bridge repair to be able to start deliveries in 2023. As previously announced, Eternali has entered into an agreement to acquire five eucalyptus plantations in the state of Pará, Brazil.

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UN Global Compact - a commitment for human rights, the environment and anti-corruption

We shall be a company to trust, both as a partner, supplier, and employer. I am proud and excited that we have been accepted to the UN Global Compact and look forward to the work ahead of us. Sustainability must be integrated into everything we do, says Andreas Forssell, CEO...

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ESG-company Eternali to hire Chief Sustainability Officer

It may appear a bit backwards to claim we are an ESG company and not hire a Chief Sustainability Officer until now, but giving a deeper thought to this it´s quite natural; we have set the targets, made the guiding decisions and put down the broad strategies. Now, as the...

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