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Unique sustainable company on an exploding market. 30 % discount offering price. Attractive option included. Subscription period January 25 - February 17

The green wood company

Eternali is positioned to change the market for wood supply in Europe. The fossil fuel economy is dying. The only substitute available quickly, cheaply, and on a massive scale is based on wood fiber. For materials. For fuel. For energy. We produce fast-growing wood from plantations in Brazil, while protecting pristine natural forest areas. The market is vast, and due to climate-driven change, it is growing rapidly.

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We base our business, and our future, on a number of strong underlying trends. These trends can be summarised in a single sentence: The world is crying out for wood fibre. There simply isn't enough. This is where we come in with a unique access to fast-growing eucalyptus.

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Christmas greetings from the CEO

Eternali CEO Andreas Forssell expresses gratidute for an eventful and amazing 2022 with wishes of a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Read his reflections from the past year.

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Latest news

We have two levels of news that we publish in this news stream; official press releases and what we call Eternali Stories, these are internally produced, less formal, more in-depth and personal news pieces from around our organization, business and market.