Eternali sustainability


We are part of the green transition and the circular economy in every way; even our name, Eternali (“eternally”), is indicative of our long-term, circular mindset. We humbly approach this task and will continue to progress our sustainability work at all times.

Andreas Forssell, CEO at Eternali

Fast-growing plantations, the best way to preserve the forest

Commercial forestry is the best way to preserve the natural forest. That may sound like a contradiction, but the fact is that an efficient and modern forestry that takes place according to both nature's own and the country's laws, is the best way to achieve two important environmental goals;

  • Conserving natural forest

  • Absorbing carbon dioxide.

But our plantations not only contribute to the conservation of the natural forest and absorbing carbon dioxide. Since eucalyptus plantations also deliver more volume of raw material per hectare than other forest plantations they thereby also contribute to a speedier green transition where wood fiber can substitute plastic and fossil. 

It is because our products and plantations contribute so well to above environmental goals but also the green transition, that we call our product "Green wood".

Eternali and UN Global Compact

It is not only our product and plantations that are in focus for our sustainability work. Since 2022 we are proud participants of the UN Global Compact and adheres to its principles-based approach to responsible business. As a raw wood materials company acting on a global market our prioritizations are clear and our focus as member of the UN Global Compact is on SDGs within Climate and Biodiversity, Human Rights and Ethics and Governance and Compliance. For more information about UN Global Compact, please visit