Eternali welcomes new law to fight global deforestation

Last week, EU parliament adopted a new law to fight global deforestation. Companies selling their products in the EU must provide a declaration of due diligence, confirming that they have not breached any relevant legislation. In this case caused deforestation, forest degradation and that human rights and the rights of affected indigenous peoples have been respected.

We welcome this law since it puts great obligations on us as a new player in the global commodity market. Eternali must do the right thing from the start, sustainability is high on the agenda and is part of our business. Our recently established sustainability strategy rests on three pillars, three focus areas. These areas are climate and biodiversity, human rights and ethics, governance and compliance. Within these areas, we have developed nine objectives, three of which relate to this legislation.

-must not contribute to deforestation of valuable natural forest, forest degradation or fragmentation.
-has zero tolerance for violations of human rights.
-must monitor our direct and/or indirect impact on the local community where we operate and minimize our negative impact.

Another important decision made this week concerns aviation's climate transition. This legislation is the last in the EU's climate package with new rules and requirements for the transport sector. The EU Commission's original proposal, that by 2025 at least 2 percent of jet fuel in use shall come from sustainable sources and then gradually increase to 70 percent by 2050, remains. In addition to this, the criteria for sustainable aviation fuel also allows uses from residues from forestry and agriculture.

Not a day too early. Change requires tougher demands from legislators. Companies need clear incentives and pressure on their transformation journey and the clearer it is, the easier it will be. We are part of the green transition, and we will make it sustainable and real, says Andreas Forssell, CEO at Eternali

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