Study shows Eternali climate positive

Responsible forest management ensures that carbon dioxide continues to be absorbed from the atmosphere while at the same time delivering fossil-free wood to industrial value chains, says Dr. Peter Holmgren, the author of the study and a renowned international expert on forests and climate.

It is the effect from the wood-based value chain where the forest really makes a difference. By replacing fossil-based products and energy, we act on the climate change problem. This is why a a broader view of Eternali´s business is needed.

Input for calculations are conservative and there are areas for further improvement as the business develops, depending on choice of clients and the effect of further forest acquisitions. Nevertheless, it´s comforting to see that already this year the study indicates we contribute to a reduction of fossil emissions and are a part of the climate solution, comments Andreas Forssell, CEO of Eternali. 

Study Key findings:

  • The forest itself has a positive but limited impact towards reducing climate change.

  • It is the effect in the value chain where wood-based products and energy makes a larger difference by reducing the need for fossil-based products and energy.

  • Eternali, overall, makes a climate-positive contribution. 

Calculations overview:


Climate effect 2022 tCO2*


Forest carbon storage

-3 500

Net sink unharvested forest

Product carbon storage


No net contribution to HWP protocol

Displacement of fossil fuels

-181 000

Average DF=0.29 tCO2e/m3

Fossil emissions in value chain

54 600

55% from sea freight

Total climate effect

-130 000

Rounded total

* Negative numbers denote a net reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Dr. Peter Holmgren´s bio