Wood raw material from sustainable plantations


We trade in and supply our customers with wood raw material from fast-growing eucalyptus, foremost from northern Brazil. This fast-growing hardwood is durable, strong and versatile making it a valuable resource to various industries and is used to produce many things, among them pulp and paper products, bio-energy (to substitute fossil coal), fabrics for clothes, paper-based materials (to substitute fossil-based materials) and more.

Our main supply to our customers is the Eucalyptus Urograndis which is a crossbreed of Eucalyptus Urophylla x Eucalyptus Grandis. This local hybrid is the result of decades of research and development and is perfectly adapted to the climate and soil conditions in northern Brazil. It produces fast-growing trees with high pulp yield.

Our plantations

All our sourcing of eucalyptus comes from established, responsibly managed plantations mainly in northern Brazil. We only trade with FSC-certified plantations. The biggest plantation we source from is located the state of Pará in northern Brazil and is called the “Coopmar-plantation”. Its 3,500 hectares holds approximately 1 million m3 of eucalyptus trees. It mainly consists of the eucalyptus species Urograndis and have clones carrying 50 years of research and development made by one of the oldest pulp mills in Brazil. The clones generate 52.2 percent pulp, which is among the highest values in the world. About 80 percent of the trees consist of the clone 3267, with a base density of about 530 kg per m3.

Our focus of trading with plantations in northern Brazil is due not only to the high-quality eucalyptus that we can source from the plantations in the region, but also the great logistical location this offer for international trade and delivery. We offer our customers domestic or international deliveries of wood logs either as harvested and delivered to port (FOB) or as delivered to customer (CIF).

Want to know more about our wood logs and sourcing?

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