Press release 2023-04-06

Eternali will receive SEK 6.4 million in oversubscribed unit issue

Skogsaktiebolaget Eternali (publ) ("Eternali" or the "Company") completed its issue of units on Friday. The unit issue was preliminarily subscribed to 107%. The board of directors intends to use the option for over-allotment and everyone who subscribed for units will be allotted in full. The Company will receive SEK 6.4 million before issue costs.

- It is delighting that the unit issue was oversubscribed, and it is a proof of the trust that existing and new shareholders show us. Eternali is in a very exciting stage, and we are now working focused to start our first delivery of eucalyptus to the global market and thereby contribute to the green transition, says Andreas Forssell CEO of Eternali.

A total of 458,090 units were subscribed at the subscription price of SEK 14 per unit, which adds SEK 6.4 million to the Company before issue costs. The board has decided to use the option for over-allotment, which is why everyone who subscribed will receive full allotment in the unit issue. The work of sending out settlement notes has started, and the last notes will be sent out in the coming days.

In accordance with the board's decision on January 24, 2023, with the support of authorization from the AGM on May 31, 2022, Eternali has carried out an issue of units. Each unit consists of one (1) newly issued share in the Company and one (1) newly issued warrant in the Company where the subscription price per unit was SEK 14. The subscription period extended from 25 January to 31 March. The warrants are obtained free of charge and each warrant gives the right to subscribe for one (1) new share in the Company at a subscription price of SEK 20 during the period April 3 – December 29, 2023.

Registration of the unit issue with the Bolagsverket takes place as soon as possible, after which the shares are booked out to the holders' depositories or VP accounts. After the registration of the unit issue, the number of shares increases by 458,090 to 12,260,570 shares and the share capital increases by SEK 22,905 to SEK 613,029.

If all warrants included in the unit issue are used for subscription of shares, the Company will at a later stage receive additionally SEK 9.2 million and the share capital will then increase by additionally SEK 22,905.


For more information, please contact:
Tim Carlsson, CFO

mob: +46 70 231 87 01

Andreas Forssell, CEO
mob: +46 76 015 15 95

About Eternali

About Eternali
Eternali is a commodity company with a focus on being a player in the global value chain for fast-growing wood fiber as a raw material. Our vision is to create value in the green transition. Eternali operates with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Production and operational activities are located in northern Brazil, headquartered in Belém, Brazil and operational operations in Urbano Santos, Brazil. Eternali is a member of the UN Global Compact and adheres to its principles for responsible business. For more information visit the Eternalis website