Our trees & plantations


Our trees - the eucalyptus

For all our plantations we focus on the fast-growing eucalyptus as our main product. There are close to 200 different eucalyptus trees and we mainly provide our customers with the Eucalyptus Urograndis.

This local hybrid is the result of decades of research and development and is perfectly adapted to the climate and soil conditions in northern Brazil. It produces fast-growing trees with high pulp yield.

Our plantations

We source wood from both our own but also other established, responsibly managed plantations in northern Brazil. We only use certified or certifiable land that has not been deforested. The fast-growing eucalyptus that we offer is used to produce a lot of things, among them pulp (for packaging), paper, bio-coal (to substitute fossil coal) bio-energy, fabrics for clothes (to substitute fossil based fabrics).

As an example of a plantation is one we call the "Coopmar plantation", in the state of Pará in northern Brazil. Its 3,500 hectares holds approximately 1 million m3 of eucalyptus trees. It mainly consist of the eucalyptus species Urograndis and have clones carrying 50 years of research and development made by one of the oldest pulp mills in Brazil. The clones generate 52.2 percent pulp, which is among the highest values in the world. About 80 percent of the trees consist of the clone 3267, with a base density of about 530 kg per m3.

Being situated in northern Brazil this plantation is perfect not only due to its high quality eucalyptus, but also due to its great location.