The share

Skogsaktiebolaget Eternali is a record company affiliated with Euroclear. The company's share register with information on shareholders is handled and reported by Euroclear with address: Euroclear Sweden AB Box 191 101 23 Stockholm.

Eternali´s shares are not currently traded on any unregulated or regulated market. It is the Company's intention to apply for such admission at an appropriate time in the Company's development. The shares are freely transferable.

Share details

Share ISIN number: SE0017859341

Number of outstanding shares (Sep 30, 2022): 11,802,480 all issued and paid.

Share ledger: Euroclear

Share classes: One

Currency denomination: SEK

Shareholder rights: According to the Company Bye-laws each share is entitled to one vote and there are no limitations in the Bye-laws in the right to dividend.