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UN Global Compact - a commitment for human rights, the environment and anti-corruption

We shall be a company to trust, both as a partner, supplier, and employer. I am proud and excited that we have been accepted to the UN Global Compact and look forward to the work ahead of us. Sustainability must be integrated into everything we do, says Andreas Forssell, CEO...

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ESG-company Eternali to hire Chief Sustainability Officer

It may appear a bit backwards to claim we are an ESG company and not hire a Chief Sustainability Officer until now, but giving a deeper thought to this it´s quite natural; we have set the targets, made the guiding decisions and put down the broad strategies. Now, as the...

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Eternali signs 13-15MEUR Letter of Intent for acquisition of plantation in Brazil with payment in-kind

This acquisition is part of our long-term strategic plan to build a strong equity base on a foundation of forest and land assets in Brazil, comments CEO Andreas Forssell. The plantation of 1,046 hectares is located in the county of Vigia, State of Pará. The location is very...

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Daniel Stålbo: ”Eternali´s timing is right and the scale-up plan solid”

At the AGM on 15 March 2022 Daniel Stålbo was elected to serve on the Board of Directors. Daniel has a broad and international experience from various board positions as well as start-ups, IPOs and strategy work. I have invested into and worked hands on at fintech companies...

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Andreas Forssell: ”Forest commodities stand strong in a stormy world”

First of all I want to say that my thoughts are with the sufferings of the people of Ukraine and that all we do in our day-today operations should be seen in the light of their struggle for survival. I feel it´s important to state this because for us as a business things are...

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Study shows Eternali climate positive

Responsible forest management ensures that carbon dioxide continues to be absorbed from the atmosphere while at the same time delivering fossil-free wood to industrial value chains, says Dr. Peter Holmgren, the author of the study and a renowned international expert on forests...

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