Remuneration and Incentive programs


Board of Directors
Fees and other remuneration to the members of the board of directors, including the chairman, are resolved by the shareholders’ meeting. At the annual shareholders’ meeting held on May 31, 2022, it was resolved that the remuneration to the Chairman of the board of directors shall be SEK 150,000 and that the remuneration to other members of the board of directors elected by the General Meeting shall be SEK 75,000. No fee will be paid to members of the board of directors that are employed by the Company or the group.

CEO and other senior executives
Remuneration to the CEO and other senior executives consist of a fixed remuneration per month. The notice period from Eternali’s side is maximum of twelve months for the CEO and other senior executives. The notice period on the part of the CEO is a minimum of six months and for other senior executives, it is a minimum of three months.

All pension commitments are defined-contribution.

Consultancy agreements between the Company and representatives from the Board and management team are available.

Incentive program 2022/2024:1
On the EGM held on March 15, 2022, an incentive program to certain senior executives was adopted through issuance of warrants. With consideration taken to the share split done in year 2022, the incentive program 2022/2024:1 encompasses 1,000,000 warrants that grant the right to subscribe for 1,000,000 shares at a price of SEK 25 per share during the period from 1 September 2024 to 30 September 2024. All warrants are held by the company’s CEO Andreas Forssell and COO Gustavo Silveira.